Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You are your own worst critic

Just wanted to share an experiment funded by Dove. Very interesting! And a lovely and well done video.

Basically, a woman describes herself to a sketch artist who can't see her and then a stranger describes the same women to the sketch artist.

What resulted was that a perfect stranger always described the woman more accurately and more beautifully than the woman herself.

We, as women, focus on the negative things about ourselves and our appearance. I am always extremely guilty of this behavior. It's a nice to be reminded that we can all look at ourselves in a different way, and be more at peace.



  1. Something I have tried to correct over the past few years is how I view myself. It has taken time, but for the most part I am accepting and loving of who I am and how I am built. I'm not perfect, we all have flaws, but in the end I think if we project happiness and confidence that's what the world sees. We are our own worst critics, absolutely. It's a difficult habit to break. The best I can do is keep trying :)

  2. Saw this. Talk about eye opening.

  3. Were the second sketches actually more accurate? I found it hard to tell. For me, the obvious reinforcement of what are "positive" and what are "negative" things about appearance (thin chin good! fat face bad!) was way more toxic than feel-good.