Monday, April 15, 2013

Walking in flip flops

In my last post, I shared with you my favorite pair of fancy, grown up shoes. But the reality is- I hate shoes.

I wish I lived in an environment where it was weather appropriate to be barefoot almost all the time! I hate constriction on my feet. My usual strategy is this:

1. Flip flops from early spring to fall. (Being that person you ask "Flip flop season ALREADY??")

2. Soft, furry, slipper like boots for the winter-- think off-brand Uggs :)

3. Getting Vibram fivefingers to wear whenever possible when running, working out or hiking.

Sooooo.. My feet don't get a lot of support. It's usually no big deal since they never had support, the muscles in my feet/ankles are pretty used to supporting and balancing me with no support.

And flip flop weather is upon us (it keeps leaving, but it is here!). 50 degrees and no rain? Yeah, flips!!

Threw them on yesterday before taking a long walk with Chris and the dog. We walked on the local bike path by the river for an hour and a half (so probably a little over 5 miles).

And last night and this morning? Whoa! The ankle pain is intense!

Never any year before this has my first foray in flips hurt me! I think I generally ease into them a little slower. Five miles on pavement? Not the kindest choice.

Flip flops fun but not great for feet!

So I get the science and the warnings and all of that. I grew up wearing shoes, that's what my muscles/stride adapted to. But, I am a stubborn little wench. I refuse to wear shoes! I think, as I get older, I just have to be more aware and ease into the change in footwear so I don't injure my ankles like I did yesterday.

But I thought it would be an interesting topic to throw out there. Shoes, sneakers, new technology for footwear are all big topics on weight loss and fitness blogs. People love to find that perfect sneaker for exercise.... while I avoid it as much as possible. When I work out at home, I am barefoot at all times. Obviously, when I am at a gym, I throw on some generalized sneaker that doesn't hurt me. I wear hiking boots in the winter (boo, one of the reasons I dislike winter hiking haha!) or in bad weather.

The fivefinger vibram technology is obviously making the rounds, but I don't hear too much about it since a big surge last year. Maybe as the weather gets warmer, I will :)

Well, I am off to take care of some life stuff, make some egg-y breakfast and then take the dog on a walk (flips or not, that IS the question!!).

Namaste, friends <3 <3


  1. I live in flip flops! I love my vibrams also. Around the house I am generally barefoot and encourage my kids to go outside and play barefoot (my husband is opposite though, he hates the kids to go outside without shoes).
    Sorry your ankles hurt :( what a bummer! Easing your way into the flip flops is probably the smartest route but difficult for us stubborn wenches lol.

  2. I am convinced that my flip flop wearing has reeked havoc with my feet. I'm sure it is part of the reason I have been diagnosed with Metatarsalgia and need orthotics now. I've been told by more than one foot doctor that I can never wear minimalist shoes:(

  3. I hate shoes as well. Love to be barefoot/flip flop/minimalist. Have you read Born to Run? There is some interesting bare foot stuff in there. Anyway, someone once explained it to me that the arch is one of the most perfect shapes for supporting weight. Think Roman aqueducts? Anyway, when you choose shoes with 'arch support' you are essentially giving your feet a chance to wimp out and not support themselves, leaving to foot problems, fallen arches, etc. I'm no doctor, but I definitely believe in use it or lose it, so I choose use it, by not wearing shoes as often as possible!

    1. Awesome... I kind of subscribe to that train of thought, too!

  4. flip flops/crocs provide absolutely no support. a Podiatrist's field of dreams- they're making hand over fist with people's need to be 'comfortable'. catch it before it gets Bad! ;p