Monday, April 29, 2013

Paleo Dinner and Springtime musings

Super paleo dinner tonight: carrots, parsnips and onions with olive oil and spices in the first photo and elk sausage in the other. Really, really tasty local elk meat! We made enough to eat a hearty dinner for two and to have two big portions for lunch tomorrow! I love setting my days up like that: make a rad dinner full of protein and veggies and have leftovers for lunch - no thinking/planning needed!!

Our tulips are looking beautiful!! Albany is an early Dutch city and we make a big deal out of tulips around here :) I hope to visit a historical mansion in the next couple of weeks that has an awesome tulip garden (over 7000!).

Nice, long walk with Koda today. He was a little tired from his big hike over the weekend, but that's nice for me :) I got to wear shorts and flip-flops out today -- it is totally spring in the Northeast, no denying it. Everything is blooming, colorful, warm and full of life.

Lots of stuff getting done around here. Ordered wedding invitations. Got gifts for my bridesmaids (I was so worried about this one!). Writing up the ceremony and vows. Etc, etc, etc. Chris is filling out a form for "lost money" he is owed (got delivered to the wrong address years ago, so hopefully the government will send it to the right place now!). And a new dress I ordered is coming tomorrow!!!

I ordered a white dress from Victoria's Secret last week, hoping it is the one I will wear to my bridal shower(s).... so if it fits and looks nice, I will make a post tomorrow showing it off! If it doesn't.... well, back to the company it goes.

Sleep well and wake happily!!



  1. I love having leftovers now! Glad you are feeling better and had a good day. Hope the dress works out. Tulips are one of my favorites!

  2. That looks SOOOOO good. I so want to try elk sausage!

    1. Elk is one of the most delicious meats in the WORLD... I had it for the first time about three years ago when I went to Jackson Hole (where we also took a sled tour through the wild elk herd, amazing!) and they served elk everywhere (burgers, sausage, chili, steaks, mm).

      I feel lucky to have a local source of it so I buy it right from the farm. Try it whenever you can - it's really lean but insanely full of flavor :D

  3. Tulips look gorgeous! And dinner looks awesome!

    Sounds like wedding plans are going swimmingly. Thanks for checking in on me! :)