Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini horses and ankle pain

The ankle injury I mentioned was still affecting me yesterday. I had gone to the barn in the morning to groom my horse (have I mentioned my miniature horse, Ernie? I don't think so!) and just walking to the paddock to get him sent pain up my foot and ankle, making me limp.

First, here's some Ernie pictures!

But I knew I wouldn't be able to walk Koda his usual three miles with my ankle feeling the way it did, so I shoved him in the back of the car (he's so huge) and brought him to a local, quiet park where I could let him off leash and play fetch, let him run run run run run till he was exhausted. So Koda got his exercise yesterday!

I wanted my exercise, too, though. Still at 128 and wanting to be 124, I know I can't just sit in front of a computer all day and get the results I want.

So, I did lots of arm work, floor work and any yoga poses I could do on one foot :D Planks, push-ups, arm work with weights I could do with my feet just planted normally on the floor, etc. I woke up this morning with my shoulders and upper arms BURNING. It felt great! 

No reason to not use my body, just because one piece of it hurts.

This morning, my ankle feels.... off. It doesn't hurt like the past three days, but it doesn't feel right. Going to go out and run some easy errands before I decide to hit the pavement with Koda. I could really use a long walk, though, I've come to rely on them to get my day started off right.

Either way, I will still workout today - If I can't go on my walk, I will focus on my core today, get it as sore as my arms are!

When the best things are not possible,
the best may be made of those that are.
- Richard Hooker

Peace to all <3


  1. OMGOMGOMG, you have a miniature PONY??? I am your new best friend...I absolutely SQUEEEE over horses (growing up in the city will do that) and I fantasize about having one of those really tiny ponies who lives in the house and wears sneakers...Mojo almost qualifies but he does not eat apples.

    1. Haha!! Ernie is pretty awesome, he is small and adorable... kids up to 6 years old can ride on his back, so cute. I never intended to own a mini horse, but I met Ernie and fell in love - now I have a little money eater all my own (which is why I am on such a tight budget haha)

  2. Ernie is cute :) Sorry the ankle is bothering you, that's no good. Nice job working around it though!

  3. Oh my, he is just beautiful! I love ponies!

  4. Ernie is gorgeous! Love him:) Take care of that ankle!