Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's all about Love.

So sometimes this is about the body, but sometimes it has to be about the spirit. A body can't be truly healthy if the spirit/mind is sick.

I wanted to share something with you all that touches me in a deep and spiritual way. I am heading down to the the big city ;) to see my favorite band of all time tonight for the first time: Cloud Cult.

Sometimes music is just fun for me, it's music, it evokes, it makes me move, it's good.

But then, I listened to Cloud Cult. And I listened some more. And I got more albums. And I found a band that spoke to my heart and my soul. A band that speaks of love and your spirit and all the good ways to live. And I found the closest thing to religion that I have.

I will leave you with a copy of the liner notes to their most recent album, "Love."

"There's a fundamental law in physics that states that energy cannot be destroyed (only transformed). Our whole scientific understanding of the universe is built around this law. Interestingly, most of our world's religions discovered this a long, long time ago. It's not just a philosophy, it's a literal truth to say the way you think, feel, and live will resonate eternally. So it follows that a life lived with intention on Love is a life well spent, because that positive energy goes on forever. The physicist and the mystic agree: It's all about Love. The path back to "God" (or whatever you call It) is one of Love, presence and surrender of ego. It's easily said, so instead of doing the work, we write it off as cliche. But get over the cynicism and hear the Calling. It's gonna take some fuggin' hard work.

The antithesis of Love is fear, and that stuff is everywhere. So to truly find the Love of Life, Self, "God" and the Everything, they say we first gotta face our inner demons. But have you taken a look inside lately? It's a complicated maze of machinery, memories, pain and beauty. But when it comes to the path of Love, you're the only thing in your way. We all need to dig in our heels and rid ourselves of the inner obstacles that keep us from a life built on Love. This ain't no quick-fix solution, because there's a lot of junk clogging up that beautiful inner heart of yours. But It is what you were made to do, and we believe in you. They say we're made of chaos. I saw we're made of Love, and that's why your Show starts now."

I love this because it articulates something I've found hard to articulate. I believe in an It, a Love, a "God." I do... I just don't believe in how any organized religion defines this being, this Other.

It's about love, it's about getting over ourselves, realizing that the power to love and do good affects everything and everyone. And if we made that our life, our culture, our society and everyone felt that love and DID that love.... we'd all be that much better off.

So I am about to go see this band who talks of love, strength, belief, friends and heart and fill myself with all the good things.

Namaste, friends <3

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