Friday, April 5, 2013

Best change I've made yet: protein for breakfast!!

Back in the old, obese days, I would eat myself a nice bowl of sugared cereal and 2% milk for breakfast. And that was it.

       And I wondered why I would be so hungry around 10 - 11 AM?

Even once I started to lose the weight, I just changed my cereal to something non-sugary and lower calorie.

       Still ran into that mid-morning hunger problem!

Even about five years ago, I could be found eating maybe a bowl of cereal, maybe wheat toast with peanut butter, maybe a whole grain waffle and fruit for breakfast.

      Was still pretty consistently running into problems with fullness and hunger.

For the past three to four years, I got my act in gear and made sure that every single breakfast I ate had a significant source of protein! Most mornings that means I eat an egg and an egg white with veggies, sometimes a piece of toast. Sometimes, I improvise and eat leftover chicken or pulled pork with veggies for breakfast. It doesn't necessarily have to be "breakfast tasting foods" that I eat in the morning, it has to be "breakfast FUEL foods." If I am eating protein with carbs (and 90% of the time, that carb is veggies), then that's a good breakfast.

I don't mid-morning snack anymore. I might have a coffee around 11 AM, but that's it. A really great, balanced breakfast... full of protein, NO sugar, complex carbs.... keeps me full till mid-day and eliminates snacking.

I consider it one of the best changes I made in the past few years. It's helped me maintain a low weight (and in the past year, it helped me lose the last ten pounds!).

So, just sharing it because it has been such a big help to me!!

Okay, time to get that dog walked, my egg breakfast in the body, do a little yoga stretching and then settling down to work.

Namaste, friends! Have a GORGEOUS weekend!


  1. Best thing I've ever done is to add lean protein with every single meal. Namaste, J!

  2. Also AGREE! Even berries and full fat plain yogurt leaves me shaking 2 hours later.