Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Putting a little bit of good out there..

I made a post last night about BEING the good in the world, in reaction to the horrible news about the Boston Marathon (as well as all the other unnecessary tragedy that happened yesterday).

So I thought this post would be about how to put something like that into action. About how to take a chance to be the good, spread the love, be a positive force in this world to counteract those few who'd like to spread darkness.

Now, I am on a pretty tight budget. Most of my money goes towards the house, the dog, and... FOOD.

I was thinking about my budget for the week, how the money would get spent this week, and I knew Friday is a potluck party for people that have to miss our friends' wedding that is in Arizona. I offered to make two dishes (we are trying to replicate their wedding menu) and knew I'd need to spend some of my budget on those dishes to feed 20 people.

Then, on Facebook, I saw a post from another of my friends, asking for donations to support her on an MS walk (she has MS).

And I knew right then, that instead of supporting entertainment gluttony, I was going to spend that money on my friend. I normally don't have leftover money to give to charity, but this was an easy choice!

I let the party planner know that I'd only make one dish, that everyone would be fine with the literally dozens of other food items there. I felt a little nervous about that, like I would seem like a loser, basically, but....

I had to decide what's more important.... and I am glad I budgeted for something other than pleasure!

I realize I spend a lot of time on physical pursuits and physical pleasures. And while I am a firm believer that the spirit cannot be healthy if you do not care for your body, I know that I need to remember just as often to take care of both. My spirit needs just as much tending as my body.

Do good out there today, everyone. It will help ease the hurt, confusion, and sadness.



  1. Proud of you Jeanette! You are wonderful!