Friday, April 12, 2013

Lost some sleep, gained some heart

We all know how important sleep is - keeps your body balanced, working efficiently, keeps your mind healthy, your hunger under control.

Well, I got four hours of it last night! Got home around 4 in the morning, telemarketer call woke me up at 8, was unable to get back to sleep - will go through my normal day, normal eating and dog walking, and reset tonight with a full night of sleep :)

The lack of sleep was so worth it, though! The concert last night was incredible.

We started the day by getting to Manhattan, walking about a half hour down to city hall area, looked at the buildings and parks in the area and then decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. A very fun experience, actually... wasn't expecting much from it, but what a cool place!

We went out to a great restaurant, Spring Street Natural Restaurant, in the area... it had a lot of vegan options, gluten free options, all organic produce, grass fed/free range meats, etc. Perfect place for us! 

I ate a salad with grilled chicken breast, it was amazing - they dressed it very lightly, everything was fresh and lovely! It was my lunch/dinner because we had had a late breakfast of eggs and veggies at home before we left.

We then met our friends at a biergarten where I did eat a potato pancake and some nibbles of shared food, but nothing I feel any regret/shame about. I did drink too much beer last night, but also, no regrets. I didn't get wasted or anything, just had a fun buzz for a long night of music and friends. Really, really pleasant!

The music was stunning. Cloud Cult played flawlessly and picked a great line up of songs to make it a whole, beautiful experience. Two people painted in the background during the show, as well, which was amazing to watch - the creation of some stunning paintings happening over the course of about two hours. Really special.

They also played my two favorite songs right away, which helped tremendously. The time just sped by - I was completely under their spell, couldn't take my eyes off their stage show, their projections, and just their faces as they sang/played.

Really beautiful.

So, some indulgence last night. But a full, full spirit :) Also, the food I put into my body was healthy fuel, so I feel pretty good today despite the lack of sleep. It was great to choose a fresh, organic salad over a slice of pizza :D

Off to do some resetting for the day - get some eggs in me and get that dog walked!!

Namaste <3 <3 <3

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