Thursday, April 4, 2013

What I track with my food app

First, I'll give you a little update on my life, since yesterday's and today's posts are more informational than personal!

Things are going pretty well. Weighed in at 125.6 yesterday... first time I've seen 125 in a couple of months. Very good progress and a sign that my mental state is stabilizing. Seriously, being at a good weight really reflects that I am focused, relaxed, happy and productive in the REST of my life. It's one of the reasons I talk about it so much.

My initial obese period and when I started to regain a couple of years ago.... I was consistently stressed/sad.

So, yeah, things are going well. I am enjoying Chris, the animals, my friends, and life in general. Things are not EASY, not by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm not letting that get to me as much.

On to the topic of this post....

More important to me than tracking calories (because I realize there is no way to TRULY calculate calories accurately, or even exactly what amount I should be eating - it's all a ballpark to keep me generally from overeating), I like my food tracker because it tracks the macronutrients.

And that *is* important to me.

I could not lose the last ten pounds (stuck around 135, wanting to be 125 or under) for the longest time. I started tracking the macronutrients and I found that I was eating anywhere from 65 - 85 % carbohydrates on a given day.

Once I got my carbs down (by eliminating wheat and eating carbs mostly from veggies and sweet potatoes) to 50% or under.... I lost those ten pounds without really changing the amount of calories I ate.

Seemed like magic!

But it was really science. My body needs around 25% fat and 25% (or more) protein to function efficiently.

And when my body is efficient.... I use my calories more efficiently, burn them easier. It's just so much easier to maintain a lower weight for me doing it this way.

So the other day, I had a GREAT day, ate tons of protein and felt so energetic that day and the day after. Wanted to share my chart with you all :)

And I just wanted to finish up with the fact that I *DO* track my calories. I try to eat around 1800 a day. I have no way of knowing, even if I am careful, if I am really eating that number. But tracking my food keeps me accountable, helps me turn down a late night treat or that extra glass of wine. So I do it. 

However, I do caution people with getting TOO caught up with calorie counting (calories in or out!). It's not an exact science, even if these apps make it seem so. Not all labels are correct, it's hard to guesstimate ounces eaten, etc, etc. So, just because you had a supposed 1000 calorie deficit for the week, it doesn't mean you will necessarily lose weight.

WHAT you eat matters just as much as how much you eat.

Have a good one out there today!!

Peace <3


  1. This is great info, thanks! I'm so glad you're feeling good, too. I'm like you, when I'm stressed and sad, my weight is up and when I'm doing well, the pounds come off. Looks like you've hit a groove!

  2. Replies
    1. It's a generic app for the iPhone called "Calorie Counter" ... it has a green apple as its little icon. Haha. I really like it because it is very simple. I tried Fitness Pal but didn't like it!