Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taking care...

Mission accomplished- I feel better mentally today.

I got sad on Sunday and ate things that I don't really want to be part of my diet anymore.

Monday, I pulled the reins in hard on that crap!

I got out in the sunshine and walked the dog. I ate clean (my usual egg breakfast, small lunch and then a beautiful dinner of roast chicken and veggies). I took care of myself.

Now, today is a day like any other!

Koda is in daycare today (he needs the obedience training that comes along with it!) so I am going to do a rowing and strength workout.

Not much to say today- I have a bunch of posts on the back burner but not quite ready to finish them up. So I am posting to check in and stay accountable.

This blog isn't here for me to sugar coat what weight loss/maintenance/fitness is like for someone who struggled with it most of her life. There are down days and there are mistakes (for me).

So you'll read posts like yesterday's. I messed up. I let life and its associated stress get to me.

But there are also no excuses. I'm doing this. I'm making my choices.

And I'm making better choices than I did a year ago... WAY better choices than I made three years ago... And exponentially better choices than I made ten years ago.

I'm better than I was. I'm not perfect but I will continue to pursue making myself better in the future.

There are no excuses! I need my health. I need my energy.

Here's to a good, strong, productive day.



  1. Life isn't perfect. We're all going to have days that are emotional, that we eat something that isn't the best choice. You are doing exactly as you should, moving on. Have a great day!

  2. I find that fast corrections and not staying stuck into the things that make me feel not well are key steps to my own weight maintenance. We all have bad days and old habits run deep. Kudos for getting back on track fast. You'll have many more days of on track when you dial it in for your body and mind. Good stuff. I read your blog always and comment when I have enough time. :). Karen P