Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just keeping honest!

Just a quick post to keep me honest :D

Weight is holding steady. I am eating really clean this week. Feels great, actually.

Still not paleo, sigh... even though I know that's what's best for my body, it is SO HARD to get on that wagon. I am gluten-free, though, which helps. I am getting those rashes on my legs again... the ones I get when I am eating things that inflame my body.

So, honesty: I don't care that I am inflaming my body right now. I am eating my damned gluten free bread. UGH. Why? I don't know.

Actually, today I made the decision NOT  to buy the bread this week (I buy it on Wednesdays at the Farmer's Market)... so when I run out around Friday/Saturday, I won't have anymore. We'll see how it goes. It is such a nice easy pleasureable snack.

Everything else I am eating is pretty much strictly proteins, veggies, with a few nuts and fruits thrown in. So that front is doing well!

Walking everyday, at work and for the dog. Doing a few strength exercises in the evening. Ones that don't make my shoulder go OW.

So... there's my admissions for the day:

I am not doing everything perfectly.

I am eating clean and in reasonable portions.

I am staying active.

My weight is good.

My energy is PRETTY good (I get exhausted by about 7, haha, the days are so full!)


It's good for me to write that stuff down. I know I can do better. I don't want to hurt my body by feeding it things that hurt it.

Namaste, friends.

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  1. Very smart of you IMO. I use the same technique you are using with the bread. Noticing that you have physical inflammation then stopping the purchase of the item. In a few weeks time , the urge to eat the item decreases , and the symptom goes away. Almond butter and fetta cheese were this way for me.

    Bravo for self awareness. Karen P