Saturday, November 3, 2012

Successful Mud Run!!!

Not going to be long because I am TIRED, but I just got home from my first Mud Run, it was a Tough Mudder warm up at Jiminy Peak, MA.

Five miles, up and down, up and down the mountain with 12 obstacles like a mud crawl under HEAVY fence, 20 foot cargo net climbs, crawling over inner tubes tied together over a freezing lake, and carrying a 25 lb bag of sand up and down the mountain.

Let me just say: I killed it.

My body hasn't deteriorated, all my hard work this year has paid off! I was RUNNING up steep mountain slopes, carrying weight, pushing through. Super proud.

It was a team event and we had to stick with our team throughout. Finished in 2:45. :)

It was tough, for sure. But I felt all my training coming back to me. My body knew how to act, it responded well. Mentally, I felt great, too... I didn't doubt myself, I just kept charging on!

The biggest obstacle: the cold! I got covered in mud at the end of mile one and I was FREEZING, especially for the parts when we were on top of the mountain, 30 degrees outside, wind blowing. Lost all feeling in my fingers, which was tough for the cargo net climb!

But, hey, I'm tough :)

Love it, love my body, going to continue to do right by it and challenge myself!

Me, muscles bulging after the Mud Run, hehehe

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