Sunday, November 11, 2012

Long weekends mean lots of work...

So, a quick accountability mention since I haven't told you my weight in a while: 125. It's on the high end of the spectrum that I like (120-125 is acceptable weight to me) so definitely trying to be conscious and make better choices to get that number a little more in the middle. It is definitely easy to gain weight with Chris around... he helps me relax, takes some of the chores off my shoulders, I eat more regularly with him here. But, no excuses, still need to keep an eye on my weight and health!

Just a few short weeks ago, long weekends meant sleeping in, doing tons of fun stuff, going on hikes, hanging with friends.

We've got a lot done on the house this week. Chris cleaned up the yard (oh my god. so many leaves.)

Moving things around. Figuring out the basement. Trying to make space. Cleaning things that haven't been moved/cleaned in 20 years.

Starting to see some potentials for this house, lights at the end of the tunnel.

Taking the dog on lots of long walks, trying to exhaust him :)

But I am EXHAUSTED. I took a nap for the first time in months today. Just could not keep my eyes open.

Going to make butternut squash bowls filled with sauteed ground turkey and veggies (again). It is definitely a favorite dinner of mine. Squash, so yum. Meat and veg, so filling.

Sorry for the kind of disjointed, half-sentences kind of post. I really do feel out of it! But, like the advice I give other people, I am just keeping on. If I do it, just keep doing it, eventually it will all work out and I will feel better again. I won't always be sad and exhausted!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, and thank you to all the veterans out there <3

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