Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Because it's hard... (another wake, my mom, trying to do this right)

Chris and I have been saying that a lot this week.

Life is hard.

Why does this hurt? Because it's hard.

This isn't easy.


And so on and so on.

It sure isn't getting any easier. Went to a colleague's wake last night. It is a big loss to the world that he isn't here anymore. He was so good hearted and fun.

Emotions are running rampant :(

I went, though, because after my dad's wake, I know how important it is for the family to see the support, to feel the love that people have for their lost one. So I went, hugged his wife (who I've never met before) and told her how much we all love and miss him. It was cathartic, though it was hard.

And today is the 20th anniversary of my mom's death. That's not easy. Not at all.


It's a LITTLE easier this week. Chris is local so that he can vote. :) It is nice to have him here. To have a break from constantly having to pay attention to every little thing! Koda freaking loves him so much, too, so the dog's attention is totally on Chris when he is here, heh.

He is also trying to eat strict paleo, so having him around keeps me on a track a little better as well.

We had all-natural ground turkey with brocolli and green peppers last night, lightly seasoned. Super simple, really filling, great protein and vitamins. I'm glad to get back to the simple stuff.

I have those leftovers stuffed into half an acorn squash for lunch.

Food is on track. That gets my brain on the right track.

Going to keep on keeping on... even though it's hard.


  1. If it were easy, Jeanette, *everyone* would do it. Kicking your own ass to do the right thing when there's a way to get out of it is tough, but always worth it. Great idea on how to use the turkey leftovers! Trainwrecks like'em "taco style"...

    1. Hahaha, thanks Norma! :) Seriously, though, putting meat and veggies into a roasted acorn squash is one of my favorite meals! Super tasty and good for me, and it's kind of fun and portable :)