Thursday, November 29, 2012

Eating seasonally..

I definitely eat seasonally. I have to, because I eat local as much as I can: what is for sale at the farmer's market from the local farms is what I buy. When I shop at the grocery store, I buy what's on sale... which is often the things that can be grown seasonally because they didn't have to import them from Brazil or something!

This means I eat a ton of fruit (melons and berries!) in the summer and overdose on squash and root vegetables in the winter.

This feels right to me. Even though I get a very different nutrition profile depending on the month, I never feel like I am depleted in any way. I want to go to a nutritionist, get that all confirmed!

Now, ideally, I would eat seaonally based on my ancestry (what the Irish or the Sicilians ate seasonally) because that's what's in my blood, basically. My genes, my evolution... all based on those diets. However, that's a little TOO much work for me.

Sticking with the seasons of the Northeast to ensure I support my local farms :)

I noticed this when I went to go buy my veggies today... I realized I haven't eaten much fruit at ALL in the past few weeks. While, this summer, I was eating about 4 pieces of fruit a day! I thought I was sugar loading because it tasted good... but I just naturally decreased my fruit consumption as the season changed.

Feels very natural and easy.

Another thing I will mention that I heard some time ago: our bodies are atuned to the seasons in a ton of ways, not just with food. But with temperature. Some silly article somewhere recommended not turning the thermostat up too high to mimic summer/spring temps in the winter. It suggested letting your body naturally adjust to cooler temperatures, let your metabolism WORK (it's related to keeping you warm.. burns fuel to do so) and not just keep everything at an even keel all year.

I wonder how much truth there is to that? It kind of makes sense to me.

I keep my thermostat low because I am cheap... but if it is helping my body learn to work, so be it :D

It's getting coooold up here in the northeast... snowing lightly when I let the dog out this morning!!

Keep warm, live well, smile :D

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  1. Interesting theories as to the biological effects of seasons.