Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cardio and Cameras

So last night's post was successful! No Kahlua and hot chocolate for me. I did have 30 calories of almond milk with 30 calories of chocolate. But whatever. Way better than the 200+ calories "treat" I had originally, insanely, planned on.

Felt better today :)

Weighed in at 125 today, like I have been for the past three days. Payment for drinking for over a week straight, I imagine. Consequences are real, got to deal with them, accept them and do it better.

Going to be decently busy tonight: prepping for my trip to Chris' parents, packing up Koda and filling out the paperwork for his boarding, and doing all the other house related things I need to be doing.

I plan to row for 20 minutes tonight! I only got to about 15 minutes last night. It's a toughie of a workout! And since I haven't worked out in so long, my cardio is not up to snuff. I am going to use my hand weights and do some strength exercises afterwards. Feels good to use my body again. I am looking forward to Thursday and Friday, I love the long walks Chris and I take up by his parents, they are really beautiful.

I studied my dad's camera last night. He has a really nice digital camera... it is one of those ones that looks like it's not digital, has interchangeable lenses, lots of manual control. It takes GORGEOUS pictures. I snapped a bunch of the cat and dog last night :) I am going to bring it while we are out at his parents and take some nice pictures.

Wish I had more pictures of my dad. He hated having his picture taken, especially in the last ten years. I think he didn't like the way he looked because he was overweight. He was a trim and very handsome man for most of his life. I think it was hard for him to connect his mental image of himself with what happened to him later in life.

Taking that as a lesson:

Don't let yourself go so much that you don't want to see yourself in pictures, creating a situation in which you don't take pictures with your kids. :(

This is for life. I want this now and I want this in the future.

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