Thursday, November 15, 2012

Going to be honest about this cookie...

It is lunch time.

I am eating a gluten-free cookie (soooo much better for me than a normal cookie hahahaha... sarcasm there) and drinking a coffee.

There is a LOVELY chicken sausage and vegetable mix in a tupperware right next to me, next to a tupper ware of sauteed brussels sprouts.

And I am eating a cookie first.

I really don't know why I let the old, bad habits, obese mindset get into my head. I thought about it on the escalator up to my floor. "Hmmm, that cookie is going to taste good this afternoon" (First of all, why I am thinking about my afternoon snack at 11:30 in the morning) "You know what? Food always tastes better when you're hungry. And you're hungry. Eat the cookie now and it will taste AMAZING. You don't want to be too full for it, who cares if you don't eat your lunch!!!"

Uhhhh. It wasn't till I sat down to the computer to do my normal lunchtime blog reading that I realized what I had done!

I was reading Norma and Kelly and Jenn (my three favorite blogs to read and be inspired by)... and I realized, none of those women are acting like I am right now. They are all busting their butts, working out hard, getting or staying right on track.

I'm a mess sometimes.

So, the cookie is gone. Yes, it was delicious. Kind of amazing, really. But it's over now. So, uh, great. Not doing anything for me long term. Just filled up my belly and left me with a vague sense of regret.


Anyway, to end on a positive note, I got something pretty stellar in the mail last night: A ROWING MACHINE. I seriously love rowers. They are fun for me, get my heart rate up, and I love how my arms look after using one for a few days. There was a groupon for a pretty nice one, so I jumped on it. I know I am still a little too insane/exhausted/depressed to get my butt to the gym... but I am not too insane/exhausted/depressed to do a little rowing while I watch a show in the evening!

Tonight, while the dog is still at daycare, I am going to attempt to assemble the rower. I will post a picture of the finished product if I am successful, haha :)

Ups and downs, my friends, ups and downs. Here's to making sure there are WAY more ups than downs, though!!!


  1. I love rowers! I don't think I can put one together though... You're a braver woman than I.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, dude! You are one of my fav blog writers as well, pretty much have been since the moment I some how landed upon you in all of blog land. I think you are amazing!

  3. Appreciate the love, Jeanette. :-) Love reading your blog too! :-)