Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pre-planned lunches

I made four of these on Monday night do lunch would be SUPER easy, clean, and nutritious for my whole week!

It is my favorite squash bowl!!!

Acorn squash halves baked and filled with ground turkey (natural, no antibiotics), mushrooms, green peppers and onion :)

I wrapped each half in foul so I could just grab them out of the fridge in the morning.

Love it! Takes just a little bit of time at the beginning of the week and I don't have to rely on frozen lunches full of preservatives or a crappy bought lunch.

Also: it's really cheap... And I have no money, so that works, heh.

Eat well and be merry :)


  1. That looks delicious! What temp./how long did you bake it? Did you cook the turkey before-hand? I'm definitely going to try this asap.

    1. I bake them at about 375 for about an hour... or as long as is needed to get them cooked through (I like for a fork to pierce the yellow flesh easily).

      I cooked the turkey/veg beforehand... then I stuff them and throw them back in for about 10 minutes or so, just to get the squash all nice and flavorful :D

      Its a VERY do-it-how-you-like-it kind of recipe, easy to change!

    2. Wonderful - thanks! I can't wait to try this. Do they re-heat well, or do you just eat the cold?

    3. They do reheat pretty well! I heat mine up in the work microwave on paper towels.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog today! :)

    Your lunch sounds yummy!!