Monday, November 19, 2012

Posting instead of drinking a hot chocolate with Kahlua....

You know, because I said I wanted to put the breaks on my drinking! Mostly because alcohol is numbing AND because I have been treating wine/liquor as a dessert or treat. Not good.

About two hours ago, I ate a nice dinner of a turkey burger and baked sweet potato, with tomatoes and onions on the burger. I had some gluten free bread as a bun (still not 100% paleo). Still, really yummy and filling and only about 450 calories, which is where I like my calories to be for the day.

After dinner, I thought... hmmm, a nice hot chocolate with Kahlua would be nice while I hang out with the dog this evening!

Well, I just got off the rowing machine. Thought about the drink again.

Then, I thought, REALLY?!?!

You just exercised, burned MAYBE 50 calories, and you want to have a non-nutritious dessert drink when you aren't even hungry!


So I am posting. Putting it out there. Making it concrete so that I won't trot off into the kitchen and make myself a drink because I am all alone and no one would know but me.

Me knowing is a pretty good reason to not do it, though.

I want to feel good about myself tonight. And tomorrow. And the next day.

So, I am going to have a drink of water, watch TV with the pup and get to bed early.

Good night!!