Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Weigh In/Non-forgiving Dress

Chris and I got right back on track after some Thanksgiving indulgences. Ate more than was necessary, but didn't go crazy. No 3000 calorie meals for us!!

Weighed in this morning at 125. So, no real damage done. It is on the higher end of my acceptable weight range. So, I am marking it mentally, tightening the reins, and looking to get back to a more comfortable weight (I like 122 a lot, I feel like I look and feel my best there).

Last holiday season, I lost weight. It felt AMAZING. I loved not being one of those people who gain 7-10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years.

I like feeling/looking h-o-t on New Years Eve. It is a great way to start the year. Starting the year fit and healthy means I don't have to make any resolutions I don't mean to keep... I am already where I want to be and I just have to stay there!

Also, I just ordered a very NON-FORGIVING dress, that I would like to wear for New Years.

So excited!! It's the Cathedral dress from Black Milk Clothing. I've never ordered any of their stuff before (as I said... not forgiving clothing, haha)... I am hopeful that the size I ordered fits and looks good. I would love to rock this dress for one of the New Years shows I am going to!

I will let you know how it looks when it comes... and if it doesn't look horrible, I'll post a picture :D

Have a good day!


  1. You are going to look crazy hot for New Year's!

  2. Agree, you are going to rock that dress!! It looks perfect for you!