Monday, January 13, 2014


Went to urgent care (with a self imposed goal of having a primary care physician before the month is out!). Thank GOODNESS for great friends. My friend, Randy, took me and helped me out a great deal (Chris is traveling.).

Acute sinusitis, causing all the fluid build up, etc. As expected! 

So I have my antibiotics and other items... 

Me, at the pharmacy, looking SOOO healthy:

I don't love going to the doctor OR taking medicine. But sometimes that IS the right and only thing to do...

Heading home (Randy is driving me!) to take my meds, fall down, exhausted, and hope tomorrow is healthier.

Thanks for the kind thoughts!!


  1. Hi Jeanette

    I think it wise you went to the Doctors, I'm sure once the antibiotics 'kick in' you will feel so much better.

    Here's to good health

    All the best Jan

  2. Yeah, it takes about 24 hours for antibiotics to kick in, so don't expect much improvement before that amount of time has passed since your first dose. Get some rest, and push even more water than normal! :) (get well...)

  3. I'm glad you went to the doctors - yes sometimes medicine is best. I hope you are feeling much better soon :)

  4. Get better soon! Costco has organic chicken stock if you are too tired to get things cooking. Take care and rest up. :) Smart to go to the doctor.

  5. Glad you went to the dr. Rest up & get better soon!