Thursday, January 23, 2014

Last day of diet

And I could not be more thrilled!

I'm no stranger to limiting/removing certain foods from my diet - going paleo means I removed grains, legumes, dairy and processed foods.

However, it wasn't 100% and sometimes I'd eat cheese at a friend's house or a piece of bread at a restaurant.

I've had to follow this low residue/low fiber diet to the letter! I got scared when I left the hospital that I wouldn't heal right and would start bleeding again (and they warned me that if the bleeding started again, it would be more serious because the wound was bigger after they removed the polyp).

Scary stuff.

I'm going to ease back in to veggie eating tomorrow and only eat well cooked ones, but I'm so excited to get back to NORMAL.

Never in my life would I imagine I could be sad that I couldn't eat vegetables, hahaha. Ten years ago, when I wanted to start losing weight, I'd have to force myself to eat vegetables and sometimes gag them down! My taste buds had been destroyed by years of drinking soda and eating total junk food (cookies and Doritos mostly!).

My tastes have normalized... And I crave the real, whole food that grows on this earth! 

And tomorrow I'm done with prepackaged foods!!! /does a little dance

Weighed in at 121.8 this morning, even though I treated myself to some pure sugar last night. We finally got our fireplace in working order (it hadn't been used for a decade!) and I wanted to feel that nostalgic delight of sitting in front of the fire and roasting marshmallows with a cup of hot cocoa...

And it was as awesome as I remembered. Some friends came over for an impromptu gathering, it was fun to make everyone cozy on the SUPER cold night with a crackling fire, drinks and nice times :)

Namaste - till next time!!


  1. Glad you got your fire going (so cozy and relaxing!) and will soon get back to your normal way of eating.

  2. Sometimes a roasted marshmallow is called for! That was the perfect occasion! :)

  3. "And tomorrow I'm done with prepackaged foods!!! /does a little dance"

    I'm doing a little dance for you to LOL !

    All the best Jan

  4. I too crave vegetables - any time I don't get enough of them like when I travel I have to search them out! I do hope that your stomach is well healed, what a scary experience for you and a warning to us all. I suppose you might have read on my blog (if you read my blog?) that my sister-in-law died this month. Her name was also Jeanette and then I read your life threatening condition... crazy. Life indeed is very precious and we need to appreciate every day. Health is the most important thing we each have.

    1. I do read - I rarely run into other women named Jeanette, I'm sorry that she passed :( But, yes, I definitely learned a life lesson... I got a second chance here and I will not waste it!!!

  5. Toasted marshmallows are my favorite treat in the whole wide world!