Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Applebee's - why not!

Rare treat for us last night - we went out to dinner.

We only went because we had a gift certificate (I am rather frugal as well as serious about not eating crap food).

And... we went somewhere we would never normally go. Applebee's.

We are not chain restaurant type of people. Since we so rarely go out, when we DO go out, it is to a decently expensive place that focuses on quality, fresh, local food and great cooking techniques. We have a few local places that are our go-to.

But, I am not one to turn down a free dinner. So Applebee's it was. I think, for a chain restaurant, it's not the worst. It's all very corporate and mass-produced, but what can you do? Also, I do like that they have their calorie counts on the menu (which nicer, small restaurants don't have, but chains are required to).

I had 1000 calories left in my daily calorie allowance. I ordered the Roma Chicken and Shrimp (410 calories) and a margarita (330 calories). I know these counts can be off, so I round up to an 800 calorie meal out. Meaning my day ended with room to spare! I didn't stay totally paleo (alcohol and some red potatoes, and a sprinkle of cheese on the chicken) but not a big deal compared to the rest of my awesome on-plan week! (Same weigh in today as yesterday.. No harms done.)

The waiter was pushing the appetizers (Mozzarella sticks!? Jalapeno poppers!!!!!) and the desserts (Come on, LAVA CAKE) pretty hard. But my meal was more than enough. And my drink got me a little buzzed. I needed nothing else.  

It was just nice not to cook for myself one night. To have someone bring me a drink while they cook my dinner. To sit and chat with Chris with nothing to do but SIT there and chat. No cleaning to be done, no dog to care for, no dishes to wash, nothing. Just hanging out :)

So that was the real benefit of the night. Some awesome down time. And no damage to my wallet or my body!

Pleasant Wednesday evening that ended with watching some awesome American Horror Story in bed :) Got plenty to do today, though, so off I go!

Namaste <3


  1. I've always been amazed when people order the full deal: appetizer, meal, and dessert. I can do one of those, but not all three - and I can eat a LOT! Although, perhaps those people are ones who don't mind leaving food on the plate (people look at you funny when you ask for a doggy bag for the appetizers...)

    Can't wait to watch AHS. I have to wait for my husband, though. :)

  2. That SHOULD be the point of eating out. If eating out becomes stressful, why do it? It used to be this was the pampered and relax. Unfortunately, it become so day to day for us that it was almost as stressful as cooking dinner.

  3. I agree it is so nice just to sit and chat ...... and relax

    All the best Jan