Monday, January 27, 2014

Office, weight, life

Here I am at my little temporary office at school, getting ready to lecture soon!!

Not much to say today, my weight is up over my preferred range (124) and part of me is a little miffed at myself because I overate after the hike (I was ravenous!!!).

But I'm here, breathing, alive and with all the chances in the world to do better. And I will!

Life is hectic: dog has diarrhea with blood, so have to get a sample to the vet... Chris' car needs repairs... And we're about to have our first attempt at DIY plumbing tonight. Being grown up us lame ;)

But, like I said, I'm alive and that means there is always hope for better... 

Off to teach!

Namaste <3


  1. oooh, DIY plumbing. Good luck! :o

    So sorry about the pooch. I hope he'll be okay. :(

  2. Isn't teaching great and with it does come responsibility. My age group was the 4 - 7yrs, perhaps that's why I'm still a big kid LOL Enjoy your time teaching at Uni our youngest (of six) is currently at Uni with at least one more year to go depending on the next step of course!

    Take Care ..... your weight and good health is in good hands ..... they're yours.

    All the best Jan

  3. Good luck at the new job!!! So glad you are doing better. :)