Monday, January 13, 2014

My night, hidden sugars

Well, that was a rough night! Rough morning, too. I will not take for granted the simple pleasure of feeling WELL again!

I'm still very dizzy, my vision is kind of blurry and I can still hear my heart loud and clear (and my pulse is definitely elevated.) I can stand for about a minute, but it becomes overwhelming fast - my pulse rate goes up, get dizzier, and I have to sit down (been doing a lot of weird sitting down on the floor or stairs or wherever I happen to be!). 

I feel so weak and helpless. The poor dog is getting ignored pretty hard :( it's been almost 5 years since I've been sick enough to need meds/help. And Chris isn't here, so those trips up and down stairs to care for the dog or get some food seem reallllllly overwhelming. I need a shower desperately, too, but can't risk falling down in there...

Yikes. Can't wait for the antibiotics to work!!!

I feel a new empathy for those who struggle with illness or disabilities. I've never been so completely unable to use my body... Like I said, won't take it for granted again.

So, looks like another day down the toilet... And just so my post isn't ALL doom and gloom, thought I'd share this article on nutrition:

Just more reasons that eating whole foods, prepared yourself, is best. Even grabbing a smoothie on the go is not a great idea (though they seem healthy.)

Peace and Light (and I wish everyone good health!!!!)


  1. So sorry Chris isn't there to take care of you. Get plenty of rest and feel better soon!

  2. Yikes! Can a neighbor or someone take the dog for a day or two? :( Hope things get better VERY soon...and if you are still dizzy tomorrow, get back to the Urgent Care. Please.

  3. Aw Jeanette, I'm sorry you are so sick. It will pass girl, just rest, rest, rest, and drink lots of fluids! Where is that roommate of yalls? Can he take Koda for a walk perhaps?

    Thanks for the article...I do admit to drinking some of those items, but I usually water them down really well. Except for the Vita Coco...I drink that exact one sometimes after tuff hikes, but I don't feel the least bit guilty after having hiked for 7 or so hours...ha! My body needs the electrolytes and it has more potassium than 2 bananas! Still a good list ;)

    Please take care of yourself girl!

  4. If I lived closer, I'd puppy sit Koda for ya! Feel better soon.

  5. Wishing you better health soon. I'm sure you wish this too - preferably today not tomorrow!

    Seriously sending get well wishes

    All the best Jan