Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hedonism and No Chip 2014

Well, I'll be honest. New Years Eve/Day were completely hedonistic and selfish and not concerned with health. I didn't ever purposely set out to eat a lot or to be destructive, but I also didn't stop myself, either!

So, in a nutshell... I didn't eat dinner on NYE, but did eat chocolate, went out to the bar around 9, stayed there dancing till 4 AM (in that 7 hour period, I drank about 5 drinks and ate a piece of pizza).

We went back to our friends where we (and some others) were staying. Stayed up talking till 6 AM (and I ate half my friend's quesadilla)... everyone slept till 10 AM, but not me, because I'm a weirdo. I stayed up reading my Game of Thrones graphic novel.

Chris and I got back to Albany around 2 PM, we ordered spicy Thai soups and curries, and laid on the couch all night eating them and watching terrible TV.

I don't normally act that way, hahaha. But New Years (and a couple other events through the year - like a music festival) are times where I completely let my inhibitions go and act like I am a college kid with no worries, concerns or cares. Eat, drink, party, not sleep, like I have no plans.

But these are isolated incidents.

I don't feel guilty. I hope that's not too weird for all you out there reading!!

I am right back to normal life today. Ate my yogurt, about to take the dog on a (VERY SNOWY) walk, then it will be coffee/yoga/school work time. Food will be paleo and clean and totally healthy for me. There will be no more alcohol for a long time.

And tomorrow will be the same.

And 95% of this year will be made up of the same behaviors. Lots of activity, lots of healthy food, no grains, limited drinking, etc.

And I will end next year at the same weight I ended this last one. It's a promise!! (Like I said before - unless pregnant, haha).


Since No Chip December was so successful and I didn't miss the chips OR the weight I gain when I eat them.... Chris and I decided we could go this entire year without eating chips. They are devoid of nutrition and full of bad fats and calories.

I guess that's a resolution of sorts! So, there we go.

Hope everyone enjoyed ringing in the New Year and are off to good starts being who they want to be this year!

Namaste <3

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  1. No chips for the year is a great goal. The best thing you can do for starting a family and for your future babies kids (it goes that far into the genetic make up, or so I've read..) is to be on a fairly clean Paleo/Primal template. Awesome way to start.

    If I could do one thing it would be to be wheat & dairy free when I had my daughter. She had colic and I blame myself for downing Whole wheat waffles and lots of non-fat milk on my crappy whole wheat Kashi friends cereal. Oh well! That was the past...