Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No/few veggies = gas pains

As you know, I'm eating limited amount of veggies on my low residue/low fiber diet. The veggies I'm allowed to eat must be very well cooked and preferably out of a can. And no type of greens at all (no spinach, no broccoli, nothing with roughage). And I'm supposed to limit even the allowed veggies.

Well - this low fiber diet is doing what it's supposed to: not irritating my stomach wound site.

However - UGHHHH. I'm all backed up, bloated and having gas pains throughout the day. Food doesn't move easily through the system without my huge plates of veggies throughout the day!!

My USUAL diet includes spinach, tomato, onion, mushrooms and sweet potatoes DAILY... And then whatever extra veggies I could find on sale.

This feeling reminds me if how I used to feel on the Standard American Diet, which I ate for almost 30 years. Even when I lost the weight and ate a little better, I was still eating grains and dairy and those took up precious calories that I could have otherwise been using for the REAL right stuff: veggies, sweet potatoes, squashes, avocado, nuts, etc. Also, the grains and dairy were inflaming my guts and body- adding to that bloated, gassy feeling.

I spent soooo much of my life bent over, clutching my stomach, waiting for gas pains to pass. If I had been like most Americans, I would have been popping antacids and drinking pepto bismol. But I hated taking unnecessary medicine.

I just thought that stomach discomfort was a part of life, I never really questioned it. In fact, I barely noticed it or thought about it, it was so normal.

Then I went paleo- bolstered my diet with tons of veggies, nutritious roughage, and cleaned up the rest of it. I ate clean and simple.

And for the past two years, I haven't experienced that bloaty stomach gas pains at all. At. All.

My body began to work like it was meant to!!!!

This week of low residue/low fiber (which even the nurse said was not a "good" diet but necessary for healing) is just reminding me why I eat the way I do - to heal my body, to fuel my body, to let my body work the way it was intended, without gumming up all the works with low nutrition filler food.

Can't wait for Friday and the end if this diet!!!

Peace, my friends :)


  1. Nothing like not being able to eat the way you want to make you appreciate it. Not that you didn't before. I was telling my husband the other day that I haven't had a stomach ache since we started eliminating the processed foods from our diet and eating at home more. We ate out Saturday for lunch and my stomach hurt a little...even though what I ordered WAS paleo, you never really know what's going into it if you don't make it yourself. :)

  2. Oh you poor thing! I've almost forgotten what all the stomach issues were like back in the SAD days. Well, the end is in sight. This will be in your rear view mirror soon! (I know, not soon enough, but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do...)

  3. Yes, eating the kind of food recommended for you at the moment causes problems, but looking on the positive side Friday is getting nearer and nearer. (I appreciate for you it can't come quickly enough)

    Thinking of you

    All the best Jan