Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sickness, Roast Chicken

Since I lost that night of sleep on New Year's Eve, been fighting off a cold. It really hit me on Friday, the same day I got the biopsy done. Friday night was horribly unpleasant, I barely got any rest. The pain from the biopsy and the head colds just laid me out.

The moral of the story? I haven't been doing too well. Lots of laying around, etc. I've actually been insanely hungry with the sickness. I've been eating extra and not really moving.

Weighed in at 123.5... So half a pound over what I like to see. Eh.

I still am not going to get in any exercise today, my side is very sore, and I'm a little dizzy from sickness. But I'm definitely on my way to health, I feel tons better. I'll resume normal activity tomorrow.

Going to try and not over eat, though!!

Chris made a gorgeous roast chicken with sweet potatoes and onions.. We have lots of leftovers:

Roast chicken is a huge favorite around here- requires a little prep and then you just leave it to cook. Makes the house smell awesome, too!!

Alright... Going to go take care of some life things I let slide the past couple days while I was in bed!!

Namaste <3


  1. That chicken looks fabulous! What is y'alls prep/cook method? Do you just slice up the potatoes and lay them on the bottom and then put the chicken with some dry rub on top? Give me some details...I happen to have a whole chicken in the freezer and some sweet potatoes lying around ;)

    I hope you feel back to normal soon. Take care of yourself for sure! Lots of fluids and rest ;)

    1. Super simple... cube up the sweet potatoes and onions to about the same size, line the bottom of the pan and put the chicken on top.... Chris stuffs herbs under the chicken skin and sometimes we put an apple or something inside the chicken.... let it all cook in its own juices LOW AND SLOW in the over :D :D We change it up slightly every time depending what we have on hand as far as veggies and herbs!

    2. Finally pulled that chicken out of the freezer and am going to try your recipe Tuesday! Thanks again for sharing. Hope you've had a restful, healing day :)

  2. Poor thing. Take care of yourself; the weight will regulate when you are back to 100%.

  3. I can smell the chicken from here ......................... LOL

    The important thing is to look after yourself.

    All the best Jan

  4. Hope you continue to heal and feel better. Chris is a very kind husband to roast you a chicken and veggies. Very good for healing and the home cooked smell cannot be beat. Take care... Karen P