Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stress and Salad

Things are NOT the most awesome in this weird apocalyptic winter hell I like to call a home. Life stresses are UP (you know how that goes... remember about a month or so ago I was telling you all how GREAT everything was going? What goes up must come down, and vice versa.). Fun task for the day: waiting for a jump from AAA and then bringing my dad's jeep in for an assessment to sell it. 

So, yeah, just accepting that and moving on. Down to 122 today, so at least I'm not eating my way out of the stress!!!

I truly don't have much to say, I am in a not great place and don't want to be a huge downer. I'll leave you with a picture of my awesome salad from last night in my old school 70s bowls. Spinach, organic tomatoes, shredded chicken breast and Annie's poppy seed - papaya dressing (have you tried Annie's Organic Dressings? If not, you should!

Alright, I'm out - have a good one!!


  1. Bummer of a day! That salad looks delish and I have those exact same bowls!

  2. Annie's papaya-poppy seed dressing is my favorite dressing for all time! And it's not just for salad, either! Try it on fish or chicken! :)

    Sorry about the jeep, and your 'down' state. Hope it gets resolved soon; both.

  3. Sorry that you've been feeling a bit down about your dad's jeep and stressed about your health issues. Sending good vibes and a hug your way!

  4. Keep up and keep positive .....

    and I'm positive that salad looks great .....

    All the best Jan