Saturday, January 4, 2014

Breast Health

Total health, that's my motto, right? Body, mind and spirit.

So... I've been having to take care of a matter that, much like the dentist, people try to pretend they can avoid.

I felt a lump in my breast and I couldn't pretend I didn't. I told my gynocologist and she wasn't sure it wasn't nothing, she referred me to get a mammogram. The mammogram was slightly inconclusive, they did an ultrasound. Everyone is telling me that it is most likely nothing - just a collection of tissue. But, they also weren't sure.

Fast forward to yet another appointment- I meet with a breast surgeon. She also is thinking it is nothing, but again, isn't sure.  She wants a biopsy.


I went to all these appointments, hoping someone would just definitively tell me it was nothing!!

But, though it is hard and scary, this is my health and my life.

So, the biopsy was done yesterday. Results by end of next week.

I was pretty damned sore when the anesthesia wore off... And sore today. The doctor said not to exercise or do anything strenuous this weekend. I now see why!!

Worst part: couldn't sleep on my stomach, which is how I've fallen asleep every night for 25 years. It was a rough night of sleep and I don't feel well. I have a slight head cold, too boot- swollen glands and sore throat.

Today will be a restful day, a healing day.

I tell you all this because I wish for all forms of health and health care to be normalized, not scary, not taboo to talk about and NOT something to be avoided.

Dental health, mental health, gynecological health, nutritional health, whatever... These issues should not be avoided because it's uncomfortable.

My wish for you all- be proactive with your health!!

So - I am fully expecting the result to be a good one from this biopsy. I am not too anxious about it. But either way, it is best to know.

Namaste <3


  1. I had a breast biopsy done about 12 years ago; thank God it was okay. But I totally 'get' how scary it is. Hugs to you, and be sure to nurture yourself as you heal.

  2. I've got you in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. You're handling it all the correct way. I'm proud of you. But yes, I get you just want to know right now.

  4. I agree about tests - they should be normal and done regularly. Well done being proactive about the lump - I do hope it is nothing. With anything like this early detection is the best and that is exactly what you've done. Do let us know and good luck ;)

  5. I found a lump late last year and since I have some history of breast cancer in my family I was a bit worried. A mammogram and ultrasound were done and I'm fine. Best wishes that you hear the same news.

  6. I found a lump last year and after mammograms and ultrasounds they said it's just a cyst. I was glad not to need the biopsy, and I get how much it sucks not knowing. I pray you get a good result and yours is nothing to worry about.

  7. I hate waiting! I just know that everything is fine! Good job of taking care of things ASAP!