Monday, December 1, 2014

Post-Thanksgiving Weigh In

I didn't bother weighing myself the days following Thanksgiving. I didn't need to know exactly how many pounds of salty bloat I had gained!

I resumed mostly normal eating on the weekend (but it was a struggle - I was in full on cravethebread mode!) and weighed in today to check in and make sure I am still on the right track. And I pretty much am! Weighed in at 124.5. Definitely the higher end of what I like to see, but still right in a great range for me.

I am going to stay right around 123 this month (didn't say try - I will). It is a weight I can easily maintain with 90-95% healthy, clean, paleo eating with a 5-10% indulgence saved for some festive celebrations. I won't lie to you on this blog and pretend that I am one of those people who stay completely paleo and clean all the time - I admire those who do that, but I am not there - so I will be honest about how I eat, how I celebrate, how I still honor my body and health, as well.

It's been an important lesson to learn HOW to celebrate around the holidays without derailing my health and my weight and my fitness. Thanksgiving used to mean days and days of lazing around and eating leftovers. This year, I ate a large meal with my family on one day (a day where I still got out and got my 10,000 steps!) and that was pretty much the end of it. The stuffing I ate the next day was part of a normal, moderate lunch. One meal and one day doesn't have to be the gateway towards a month of junk food eating!

I have no holiday parties for a couple of weeks, so I will stay on my normal food template and workout schedule. When a party rolls around, I will indulge but not binge (big difference... especially for someone who used to binge a lot): I will have drinks with friends, eat a communal meal, share desserts, whatever the party might entail. I won't eat or drink till I am sick - that is not festive or celebratory!!! Then when the party is over, it's over. Back to regularly scheduled eating :)

I love holiday festivities, but in years past, I went overboard. Used them as an excuse to return to old disordered habits. But that is harmful to me, mentally and physically, and I will stay more aware this year, more present, and look at my motivations.

There are tons of things I do differently now at parties that I didn't used to, so even though I indulge a little, I don't go crazy:

 - I don't show up hungry! I'll eat a salad or some other dish full of veggies to fill me up.

- I drink tons of water AT the party and keep alcoholic drinks to a minimum (alcohol definitely lowers my inhibitions and contributes to weight gain/feeling sick)

- I will position myself away from the food at the party, to limit mindless snacking. If I want to eat something, it is a purposeful choice.

I am planning ahead so that I feel good going into the New Year.

I didn't make any weight-loss resolutions last New Year's (first time I went into a new year feeling JUST RIGHT with my weight!) and I don't plan to have to make any this time :)

Namaste <3 Have a great week everyone!

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  1. "I am planning ahead so that I feel good going into the New Year"

    Sounds a good plan ......enjoy the week ahead.

    All the best Jan