Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Deconstructed Thanksgiving

We had a really yummy dinner last night:

Oh, hm. The picture didn't come out as I wanted! Well, it's eaten and gone and that is the picture :)

We had:

Brussels sprouts 

Butternut squash puréed with a little lactose free yogurt (very pleasant result!)

Turkey burger smeared with mayo and topped with cranberry sauce (mm, the cranberry sauce was an organic one bought from our co-op and REALLY tasty!)

It was paleo-ish (as you know, we stick mostly to the template but have our foods, like the yogurt, that really work in our life) and really filling - a focus on whole foods, kept close to their natural state can do that! Also a very simple dinner .. The most time needed was for roasting the butternut squash before we puréed it, but not very hands on :) We also have tons of squash for leftovers.

Just wanted to share dinner with you - lunch is always leftovers (supplemented by salad, fruit and nuts!) and breakfast is always my lactose-free cottage cheese with berries and sunflower seed butter. Not picture worthy, haha.

Didn't get many steps in yesterday because we had a big, slushy snow storm - no extra walks after work and relegated to the parking garage at work (can't walk as fast there). Same situation today, I think I'll walk the stairs at work more!

Namaste <3


  1. I cannot seem to comment, but if this works I am happy to have found your blog. I want to see the other side- victories and challenges, both!

  2. I just bought my first butternut squash ... Hope mine has a pleasant result!

    1. It's a super simple squash - we've messed up roasting it several times (overdone, haha) and it still tastes awesome. It's got a really lovely natural sweetness, we don't even add anything to it (no butter or brown sugar, etc).

  3. I don't know how visible you are in the parking garage. This may or may not work. If you are not very visible and are in gym shoes, I wonder if you can do walking lunges rather than just walking in garage. Would be REALLY effective use of your time.

    1. I'm unfortunately VERY visible (and kind of self conscious!) but I walk the stairs at work (at least 12 flights a day) for a little quad workout!

    2. I was at my middle's college campus doing laundry. She is on third floor, laundry in basement. And I thought - extremely good work out. Like I thought driving to tall building a couple times a week and doing stairs might be consideration. I remember reading that if one is doing this to go up and then take elevator DOWN as injuries occur on the down. This was someone using stairs for training.

      How many flights do you do at a time (are you in 3 story, 4 story? Starting over immediately so 12 in a row? Or in smaller sets spaced out over day?).