Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Nothing To Sell Here

I have nothing to sell you guys! No products to recommend (other than a free app or two and the best veggies to buy!). No plans, no special foods, nothing!

And it feels strange when 90% of the blogs I read are promoting shakes, cleanses, expensive workouts, the "right" workout clothes, gadgets, etc. 

But some of my favorite blogs don't sell much of anything - other than their experience (the entire No Grains, No Gains group comes to mind!).

But there's a truth behind this dichotomy. You can't buy a healthy life. It won't magically start with the right clothes/fitbit/protein shake. Your health comes from all those small decisions you make during the day (and I made these choices 10 years ago with oversized cotton sweats, a crappy old discman and  my determination).

I don't begrudge you if you like or just plain old want the newest, best, prettiest fitness gear. It can be fun!

But simply  having that stuff won't change your life. You will.

I just want to make that clear, because I see misconceptions out there - people waiting for the right shoes, the best juicer, whatever and SURE it will turn them in the right direction. It's so common. In fact, I see people in real life and blog life putting off a healthier lifestyle as they wait for these products to arrive!

True health comes with every choice and it can start immediately. Choosing steps over the elevator, filling up the grocery cart with 75% produce or passing by the fast food place. Those everyday, multiple decisions we make are free and can change your life.

I've always hoped the small size of this blog and the lack of monetization showed you guys that I write what I believe in my heart to be true. Health is something we all should be able to enjoy, if at all possible, to the best of our physical abilities.

I wish the best for you all :)

Be well (and be well with your very next choice!) <3


  1. Thanks for writing this Jeanette. I am most times turned off by those kinds of posts, because they "feel" insincere even when the person may be honest. While I agree with you that it is your choices that count not the stuff, I have to say that my clearance Jawbone (gift from friend) has been a great motivator for an exercise slacker like me :)

    1. I've been know to utilize a gadget or wear the latest fitness gear, myself! And, of course, I like it :D :D Those sorts of tools or motivations can be really awesome and helpful. But in the end, you are the one making the choice to exercise and if someone can't afford/find the gear, I know it is in them to make that choice too!!

  2. Great post, Jeanette. I know when I first coordinated the No Grains , No Gains group that Non Commercial Bloggers was a key requirement and non negotiable qualifier.

    While I used a commercial diet product to lose weight, and it was the best thing ever as a tool to stop binge eating , I got totally off it due to price and dairy.

    Thanks for this blog topic, :)

  3. I loved this post! It's annoying reading blogs that are like informercials for new and expensive products. No doubt some of them are great and can be motivators or a way of starting for some people. However, like you put it, making small changes on a daily basis is the best. And it doesn't have to be expensive.......going outside is free! Go for a walk, hike, or jog or play a sport like tennis, soccer, basketball. Or if you are like me and hate getting out in the cold, fitness DVD's are pretty cheap too.

    I appreciate your honesty and providing one of the best, most helpful blogs I read. Happy Holidays to you!

  4. I too think of those as the "commercial" blogs. It is sad when someone starts out very personal and then moves to commercial and is all about their stats, in my opinion. I stop reading those (commercial ones) the same way I stop reading the self sabotage, enabling of negative behaviors, stuck in major self destructive loop ones.

  5. Can I get an AMEN, HALLELUIAH on this post?! Sing it, sistah!

    I don't follow bloggers who sell sell sell, or even passively have so many sidebar ads, it's hard to find the substance of their blog.

    The more natural, the better. I get all the nutrition I need from real foods...don't need the junk.

  6. Love this post :) If someone loves a product, I have no problem with them sharing about it. But accepting money for promoting products seems so tacky to me. Especially blogs where every other post is a sponsored post, or the products seem inconsistent with the blogger's fitness and nutrition goals (i.e. bloggers who promote clean eating but do sponsored posts for food full of high fructose corn syrup and added sugar). Glad your blog is nothing like that, Jeanette!

  7. Fantastic Post Jeanette ........


    All the best Jan

  8. Yes, I'm with Gwen... Amen to that!!! I go out of my way to promote nothing and keep my blog free from adverts etc. I'm fine with those that do that but personally I don't visit those sites.