Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Most Challenging Yoga Class Yet!

The warm Vinyasa power flow class was AWESOME!

First - it had 7 of my friends in it, so that was different and really fun. I usually only go to yoga class with my husband and strangers. But everyone had been talking about it on Facebook and a bunch of people decided to join. It was great to do something social and active (my dream!). I suggested to the girls that for Girls' Night, in the future, we all go to yoga class and then have a glass of wine together - a much better use of our time together than just drinking wine all night, hahaha.

Second - the room was quite warm! It wasn't hot, but they kept it much warmer than normal so that you sweat a little extra. It takes a lot of hard cardio to make me sweat (something is wrong with my sweat glands??? Nah, but I really rarely sweat) and I was a little damp at the end of the class :)

Third - the teacher was really great. She was really friendly and encouraging and urged you to push yourself (within reason, of course). I tried some new poses, failed at most of them, but had a lot of fun testing my body and playing around. She urged us all to be playful with our bodies, see what they are capable of and have fun with it! That's a really great environment to be in. People playing around, struggling, falling, succeeding, etc. You feel less afraid to try something new!

There were people of all abilities in the class - relative newcomers and people who could easily flip up into a handstand. It was a nice mix.

I'm glad I practice yoga pretty regularly because while I feel last night's practice in my muscles, I am not extremely sore or anything. Because of the nature of the class, we were in down dog and plank a ton - both positions I am in on a daily basis. My arms were ready for it!

I really loved being in a challenging yoga flow for an hour - it was great to reconnect with my body in that way :) I will definitely be attending more classes in the future, as soon as finances get a little more settled. Till then, I will use the class I just took as inspiration to up my game with my at-home yoga.

After class, I did get a glass of wine with two of my friends that had gone to class with me! It was really lovely and, overall, I had a great restorative night!

That's all for me - as you can maybe tell from the tone of my posts lately, I'm in a pretty good place. Things are still tough, in general, but I am feeling rather hopeful and positive - which are both tough things for me to feel when life feels kind of gritty and rough. I am making sure I enjoy all my moments, my family, my animals, my friends, and this pretty world. I am trying to learn my lessons here, to be better then I was before.

Namaste  <3

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  1. Let me be the first to say I think 2015 is going to be an AWESOME year for you! Call it women's intuition, whatever. ;)