Thursday, December 18, 2014

Insurance Medical Exam

We had a medical examiner come to our house early this morning to test us - we are applying for some more disability insurance and a little term life insurance that we will also use as a retirement account. Still looking into options, but needed a medical exam to get some baseline quotes. Still doing research, but we're just trying to take more steps to further solidify our future :)

She weighed me in at 120 pounds, which was awesome! Especially since it puts me at my "ideal" weight for my height (per the doctor) - but any points I can rack up for a lower monthly quote on my insurance is great! :)

My blood pressures were really low - the lowest she took was 102/60 (yikes, but she said that was normal because I just woke up and so was really relaxed) and the highest was 113/70 I think.

I'm assuming bloodwork and such will all come back normal - good cholesterol and everything.

So that was a weird morning! The exam actually ran a little long and I had to RUN out of my house the second I signed the application, leaving Chris to show the woman out, haha. I can't be late to work (they keep close track).

I'm about to enjoy a nice smoothie I made, a little different than normal: I put a ton of spinach and a bag of frozen beets into my flax milk, blueberry and banana mix, added some cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and a bit of honey to sweeten it up. A very earthy tasting smoothie with a hint of sweetness - I like it! It is also a crazy red color, which I like - a sign of colorful produce used! I filled up 6 mason jars of it (easy to take to work), so I am set on smoothies till Christmas!

The Survivor finale was fun, lots of yelling as expected. I am pretty happy with the outcome, though I didn't really like ANY of the contestants that made it past the merge enough to crazy root for them.

Chill night at home with the husband and furry family tonight. Very much looking forward to it (first evening this week without a "to do" on the agenda).

Have a great day, my friends <3


  1. Congrats on the great bio-markers! :)

  2. Glad you are taking advantage of your young age and hard work in your food template. You'll live those many years in great shape. It will impact you in a good way financially and feeling well, too! :)