Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pedometer and Party

I went to my husband's work party last night. It was a lot of fun! A lot of the guys at his work make their own beer, so everybody brings them to this one guy's house who has a bar built in and we try them all. But I was the designated driver, so I only had two drinks and some tastes of the other beers over the course of 6 hours. Also indulged in some holiday desserts and dips - but was planning on that! We made deviled eggs which were a big hit.

It was a planned indulgence for the holidays. I don't really have any other parties or events to go to until Christmas Day, when we will be with Chris' parents. So back to the good ol' 95ish% paleo template till then!

In other news, I've had the pedometer on my phone for a full month now. This is what my month looks like in steps:

I averaged over 11,000 steps/day this month! There were some days that I didn't even hit 9000, but I made up for it on days where I walked anywhere from 12 to 15 to 17,000 steps (the really high days were two gorgeous weekend days so we took the dog out a ton). 

You can see the two days when the big winter storm hit (8th and 9th of Dec) because the only walking I was able to get done was in my building at work. It's nice to see that it all evens out. And that I'm generally hitting the mark as far as the recommendations of how active you should be.

It's a fun app! (It's called Pacer on iPhone) I like the accountability of it - I know that, in the past, there have been days where I've mostly just hung out inside the house and not gone for any big walks. But unless there's a reason for that in the future, like I'm sick, I don't think I'll be doing that again!

I've also been keeping a general accounting of my weight in the application. I weigh myself every few days and input it. You can kind of see on the side of the screenshot I took the weight graph - it's a very straight line! Been holding pretty steady and stable :)

That's all that's new with me. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend :)

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  1. I'll check that app out and see if it matches up to the jawbone lol glad you had a great time at the party!