Saturday, December 27, 2014

Xmas Update- weigh in and HEAT

Let's see! 

I had a lovely Christmas with Chris' parents- really chill and fun. And Koda behaved! And was actually adorable, if you saw my last blog post :)

We had eggs Benedict for breakfast and a ham dinner - so, not Paleo, but I kept portions more moderate than any holiday before! It was easy, because I was really relaxed, and not stress eating. Never felt stuffed, just pleasantly full. No little nibbles on cookies or snacks throughout the day - just the 2 meals!

Chris and I walked Koda for 4 miles around their town that day, too!

Weighing in at 124.3 today - more than possible to be back at 123 for New Years.

I went to a group fitness class hosted by the yoga studio I went to the other week. It was called High Energy Activity Training (HEAT), hahaha. It was taught by a former Olympian and nutritionist.

He. Kicked. My. Butt.

My muscles failed a few times (during the 4 rounds of 25 push-ups intermixed with other cardio and arm workouts, for example... I fell out of a push-up!!). But growth comes from failure, so I'm kind of amped on it and plan to go back. It will make me a much stronger hiker - he kept our heart rates real high for an hour straight, so it'll help my heart deal with the steep inclines.

Now, we are going to indulge in a breakfast of Paleo banana pancakes, then walk a mile to our friends' house to help them move into their new home. Then we will walk a mile back home and sleep very, very, very well.

A very balanced week, again, of hard work and modest indulgence. It has been a good strategy for me during this holiday season. The next celebration for us is New Years, and that's not a time where we typically focus on eating - it's more about friends and dancing!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday week!!

Namaste <3


  1. Merry Christmas! Glad you had a great time and weren't stressed out!

  2. Here's to keeping balance! Glad you had a good Christmas.

  3. Balance is the key to well-being! Hard work intertwined with pleasure, that's what I do. It works pretty well. :-)