Monday, December 8, 2014

Glimmerglass/Non-Paleo Lunch

Yesterday week took Koda a little out of our normal range to visit Glimmerglass state park in Cooperstown (a great city with cool museums, a reenacted historic village, the baseball hall of fame and the setting of James Fennimore Cooper's novels):

It was really pretty and a great hike outside our usual experience (no big mountains to climb!).

I had my non-Paleo meal out of the house - the kind I talked about in my No Grains No Gains post this month. I ate a lovely lunch out with my husband and now, the rest of my meals will be from home this week (homemade and Paleo!).

Ommegang Brewery is just outside Cooperstown and we ordered this:

A nice indulgence to have a bit of cheese and bread (so fresh!) but not go crazy with a huge plate of it.

Then we shared an apple crepe (the apples were sautéed in their Adoration beer!). It was a nice dessert to split - I didn't feel stuffed after. The whipped cream was awesome, definitely whipped that morning! The crepe was really well cooked - just sweet enough, fluffy too:

We drank beers with our lunch and were totally satiated! Incredibly affordable and we felt light after the moderate portioned lunch. A great day out :)

Just wanted to let you know what I was up to this weekend (Saturday we ran errands and lounged around, reading and listening  to records because it was rainy out!). And to give you an example of how I indulge off-Paleo without going off the rails.

Namaste - have a good start to your week <3


  1. Glad you had a great time Jeanette. The pictures are fantastic. I love the blue of the lake. Your lunch looks light and delicious. If I can ever get to the point of actually ordering food like this or sharing a dessert I would consider that a great success. I'm totally in a different place right now though.

    1. I hear you there - this is a pretty recent development for me and it took work, therapy AND practice to live this way. It helps that my husband is right there with me, doing the same work (the fact that he ordered the same meal as me even though they had lots of crazy, decadent, delicious food on the menu is such a huge help! It would have been hard to watch him eat a huge burger with fries as I ate a small and sensible lunch, haha)

  2. How close are you to Cooperstown? In 2016 (summer) we plan to take my oldest grandson on a graduation trip and drive (from Chicago) to the football (Cleveland), baseball, and hockey hall of fames. Maybe we can swing in a visit with you guys! :)

    1. We are only about an hour away! Easy enough drive for us!