Sunday, December 28, 2014


And I've never felt so sore!! My back, shoulders, biceps, chest and core are totally fried...

A boot-camp style class plus moving two U-hauls of stuff yesterday? Quite a workout. More intense than I've had in a long time.

My day looked like this with 17,000 steps:

I slept for 11 hours, haha :) and now am quite stiff!

Today will have no major activity except for a long, easy walk with the dog.

Weighed in at 123.6 today because of all the activity - exactly where I want to be for the New Year!! That makes me feel great. Nothing but our normal food till NYE (I think we plan on having some Indian food that evening with friends). We are going to the local co-op this morning to stock up on veggies!

Enjoy the last few remaining days of this year, whether it was a good or a bad year for you, it is important to savor all the time that we have <3


  1. Absolutely we must savour and cherish all the time we have!! We have summer holidays here now so it's a very special time of year for us.