Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Weekend Relaxation

Sorry for no updates recently! 

I haven't been reading about nutrition/fitness nor really focusing on that stuff - just doing what I always do: walking a ton, eating moderate portions and recommitting to a 95% Paleo food template after Thanksgiving (I ate leftover stuffing on Friday but we only took a small portion home, so that's all gone... No more temptation! I love stuffing so much, but it's not worth getting negative physical effects by eating it more than once a year.)

Just focusing on relaxing with Chris and the animals. Lots of down time - we've taken long walks, watched bad TV by the fire, napped on the couch with the cat and dog. It's been good - especially after a slightly stressful Thanksgiving.

But, while nutrition/fitness isn't the foremost on my mind, know that I am still committed to and living a life where my health is a top priority. Even if I'm not reading, writing, or thinking about health issues, I have so many ingrained habits that keep me healthy (good sleep, lots of water, staying active through most of the day, not eating processed foods, etc) that I no longer need to put much thought into staying healthy. It's a part of life :) I feel like I actually have to put some thought into making poorer decisions, actually (because we certainly don't have junk food in our house - we have to go looking for it!).

So no fear that a lack of updates mean I've gone off the rails! This holiday season is not an excuse to go crazy on food and drink or to let activity levels fall. It's just another part of the year - a fun, festive part of the year, yes! - but still affects my long term life. And yours, too. Don't be shortsighted as this month's celebrations roll in :)

I'll leave you with some photos from my life the past few days:

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  1. It's so good to relax.

    That tree, covered with snow against that beautiful blue sky is stunning.

    All the best Jan