Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pork chops with apple chutney, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes!

So, as the title suggests, I wanted to share my awesome dinner from last night! Very little prep time with big autumn flavors!!

We had our usual cubed, roasted sweet potatoes with garlic powder and black pepper.

We had GORGEOUS local pork chops that Chris rubbed with pepper and a BBQ rub:

We seared the chops and then roasted them slowly in the oven.

We cooked the Brussels sprouts low and slow in our cast iron with a little butter and soy sauce.

Simple prep for an apple chutney - cut up an apple, 1/4 onion, added lemon juice, cider vinegar, mustard seeds, red pepper and a little brown sugar (added raisins when it was close to done cooking) and sautéed it all up while the chops cooked:


Once again, an unplanned/no recipe dinner that we made with the lovely seasonal food we stock our house with - very little effort and very inexpensive!

Also came together nicely. It was delicious! We remarked that this is why we rarely go out to eat, because our food is delicious, satisfying and affordable :)

I also like very much how our bargain shopping leads us to buy seasonal foods (ie. less fresh tomatoes or berries and more apples and squashes are in our grocery cart!). I really notice the special tastes of each season this way - this year more than ever as we try to stick to our budget!

Hope you all have a beautiful day, it will be raining here but WARM, so I'll be walk in the parking garage today, haha :)


  1. I'd love some guidance on how you did the pork chops. I am pretty ignorant of the cooking techniques. How do you sear them? How long/what temp do you roast them at? Your meal looks wonderful!

    1. We preheat the over to 400 degrees. We have a cast iron skillet (which we use for pretty much everything) that is heated to somewhere between medium/medium high on the stovetop with a little butter/oil... we drop the chops in and wait for them to get nicely browned, flip them and then throw them into the oven (they will sear up on that side because they are still in the skillet). Time all depends on the thickness of the chops! We use a meat thermometer to determine done-ness.

  2. Your recipes are like my recipes, just cooking food. You stock like I do too. Then just chose from what you have. Very easy on the brain and time.