Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Traditional Weight Gain?

Today is shaping up to be a nice one - a little warmer than usual for this time of year (yay for more walks outside at work)! But the forecast is showing dropping temperatures for the rest of the week. Normal for November in the Northeast!! I am just grateful that we had such an amazing fall with gorgeous leaves, warmer temps and not so much rain as usual (ignoring anything that might mean for global warming... yikes).

I find myself eating a bit more than usual as the temperature gets colder, though. Pretty normal biological situation: Why Do We Eat More in Winter? from SAD to longer, darker days, to 1000s of years of TRADITION of feasting in this time of year (look at any culture in any area with marked seasonal change... you will see that the beginning of winter is full of traditions, feasts and holidays for a variety of social and biological reasons).

But I live in America in the 21st century. There is no need for me to bulk up for the coming winter as I have plenty of food available all year round. Feast or Famine is not a part of my life (thank goodness!).

I can celebrate the changing of the seasons, but putting on protective pounds doesn't need to be part of it. Having food available during a celebration doesn't mean I have to eat MORE of it than usual, I can enjoy special traditional foods without overindulging (I am obviously saying this to REMIND myself of these truths, haha).

So as the temperatures dip and I am noticing a slight pound-ish trend up on the scale, I am consciously trying to rein it in a little bit.

Being up a pound or two come spring isn't the worst thing, and is pretty normal (as I said, we are kind of biologically inclined to gain a bit of weight this time of year), but 5 or 10? No way! So early November is a little too early for me to have a weight gain :)

Just a little reality check as we move into this cold time of year filled with festivities!!

There is no shame in normal weight fluctuations, I need to remind myself of that. But there is also a difference between normal weight fluctuations and letting wayyyy too loose over the holidays. There will be no throwing caution to the wind and rationalizing several pounds of weight gain. No "but it's Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years/Eve/Day/weekend, etc!" No "but everyone else is eating two types of pie and four types of cookies today!" None of that :)

I will value my health this time of year just as any other time of year.

I will celebrate with my loved ones with my LOVE and not food <3

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  1. I jumped a bit on Sunday night (well, 1.4!) with NO extra or 'wrong' eating...but I was COLD. I think sometimes the weight gain as the weather changes isn't about eating more, it's about the way our internal thermostats handle the change. Perhaps related to how our ancestors had to pack it on to get them through the rough months, and our bodies are designed to hold onto weight when it gets colder. Anyhow, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it (and being even more cautious on food choices until I regulate my house's new thermostat.) :)