Monday, November 10, 2014

Brunching and Hiking

I really enjoyed my weekend! My in-laws visited and we went to brunch (I went off paleo and had a sandwich - very worth it!) and Chris' mom treated me to some new work clothes:

A real treat as new clothes isn't really in the budget right now! Really liking the sweater dress for the colder weather.

The next day, instead of eating out and shopping, we went on a 12 mile hike:

It was very snowy for half the hike as we got into the higher elevations. Really great day, overall - lots of laughs with friends, saw bear tracks up on the summit, woodpeckers, a deer up close (Koda loved that!), and felt strong!

Very different days over the weekend and I really enjoyed them both :)

We went to bed early (and missed the Walking Dead! But recovery sleep us more important than TV) and I feel TERRIFIC today!

I'm at 125 right now, so 2 pounds up from where I like to be - I expected it after a salty, bready restaurant meal AND the fact that we ate a little extra on the hike (being really cold and working hard for 9 hours makes me too hungry to ignore!)

Will be back to normal after a few days.


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