Monday, November 10, 2014

Hike Photos

There is really nothing more invigorating than hiking an isolated mountain in the off-season, feeling very alone, getting to see animals, hearing the silence, and feeling really, really challenged!

In fact, sometimes I hate hiking. Going up those steep inclines? I wonder why I am subjecting myself to HOURS of what feels like being on a stair-stepping machine! I curse a little (or a lot, sometimes) as my legs burn and I know the end of the burn is far, far away.

But then I get to the top. I see how far I've come. I feel AWESOME - no other word for it :)

I feel so... primally human.

The trails in the Northeast as not like most of the trails out west. No switchbacks here. These trails were developed in the early days of the country, before we knew about trail design to stave off erosion. The first climbers used animal herd paths and headed straight UP UP UP the mountain. It's pretty unrelenting and rugged!

Especially this time of year, with mixed ice and wet and leaves and snow and rock... slippery, dangerous. Using tree roots and jutting rocks to vault yourself up small cliff sides? I feel proud I don't turn back :)

Some photos:

Bear tracks within 20 yards of the summit!


Deer - very cool to see them out in the middle of nowhere!

Alright - I have tomorrow off!! I will be working on my dissertation a little, taking the dog on a long walk, and lounging around with Chris (who has the day off, too!).



  1. Wow, amazing views! I'm envious you have mountains to hike :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, reminds me of home ... not that I miss snow except at Christmas.