Monday, November 3, 2014


You can't tell, but it is very lightly snowing here as I take my third walk of the day at work!

I can feel it coming, the time when I'm going to have to stay inside most of the time during the workday because of the weather. The temperature is dropping steadily in my part of the country.

I do you have six flights of stairs I can walk up and down, but I am going to miss the fresh air and sunshine. For days that aren't too bad, I do plan on bringing winter boots and a nice heavy down winter coat to get outside at least once a day. 

These daily walks at work have done wonders at keeping my mood up. I attribute that to not only exercise but just plain old being outside - feeling the sunlight, hearing the birds, smelling the fresh air, surrounded by colors.

But hey! I made it to November, and I'm still getting all three of my walks outside :)



  1. I think the recommendation is to walk briskly/run UP stairs, but walk down (something about injury).

    You are VERY lucky to have six flights, good alternative to solid ice days.

  2. You can do it! At one place where I worked here in northwest Montana, my coworkers and I walked all winter, even when it was well below zero. We would bundle up, put on our yaktrax and go. Sometimes it was painfully cold, but really invigorating. Is there even one other person there who might like to walk?

  3. I commented but I don't see it! Sorry if this is a duplicate. Do you have a cubicle or your own office? You can sit on a ball instead of a chair, do squats and lunges, keep hand weights, or jump rope inside if you do. I've done this at my school, but I have the luxury of classroom so no one bothers me :) Good luck staying fit this winter, you can definitely do it!

  4. Winter does make it harder to stay on a fitness plan, but it can be done. I don't like cold weather, and I live in Minnesota, so it's either a gym or the mall. I recently dropped my gym membership, so I guess the mall is it!

  5. I can't believe you are already getting snow! The trees in the background of your photo are still very pretty! Anyway, sounds like you have a great plan down for when the weather is just unbearable or it's too dangerous to even attempt walking outside in the snow and/or ice. I live in Kansas City and we get a lot of ice here. Even when there is snow on the ground, there is usually ice under it! So I plan to climb stairs, walk the hallways, and do some strength training exercises in my office this winter. And maybe step outside briefly just to take in some fresh air :)

  6. As a teacher I do not get outside at all and it drives me crazy! I miss the birds, the wind, the sky you name it, everything outdoors. Enjoy every afternoon that you can get outside.