Friday, November 14, 2014


I decided to download a pedometer onto my phone to see exactly how many steps I was getting during my day, now that I'm at a desk job. It was a free download and it's very simple app, which I like. It's called "Pacer" for iPhone.

I also like having a fitness app that is not focused on my weight or my calories. I have too long a history of disordered eating and obsessive behaviors with those type of numbers. But making sure I get enough activity in during the day? It's perfect for me and doesn't trigger any sort of weird behaviors.

This was my step count by the end of the work day:

You can see the bargraph on the bottom that shows when I get most of my activity in. The tallest spikes are my breaks when I go outside and walk around. The smaller spikes are when I take an unscheduled break to stretch my legs, usually walking up the stairs or something.

But that's great! Almost 10,000 steps before I get home!

I didn't walk the dog at all yesterday, because I had to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend who's wedding I am in. So I ended the day with this step count:

So, I feel pretty good about my activity levels, even though I'm at a desk job. Days when I walk the dog or go hiking must be well over 10,000 steps, which is that sort of generally recommended number of steps we should be taking in a day to be active.

I had a drink with my friend after shopping last night (which was very successful, I got a beautiful dress, and ordered it a few sizes too large just in case I am pregnant by her wedding next year... We are officially going to try in January). Snow started to fall while we were at the restaurant, it was a really lovely evening.

Off to work! <3


  1. Love your pedometer graph!!! Mine is totally similar. One 30 minute walk followed by many 10 minute walks. I have a fit bit flex that is a great tool for getting myself peeled off my desk chair and take walking breaks.

    New flash.. if you are pregnant, the clothes you think that will fit may not. (depends on your weight and how you carry baby) and even pregnancy clothes may not fit (depends on how you carry the baby).

    My kid was transverse or breach the entire pregnancy (had a c-section) and I had to buy different clothes (or borrow) in the 3rd trimester because of it.... LOL.

    Ditto for clothes for infant. Have a large kid = 0-3 months will be unused. Have a small kid and the stock piled diapers will have to wait.... The universe plays these games... ;)

    1. Yeah, I wanted to be safe - I bought a large dress that they can tailor down to fit me the month before the wedding (even if I end up not being pregnant by that time!!)

  2. Start taking prenatal vitamins with enough folic acid NOW.

    1. Been taking them for over a year already!

    2. Very good. Any woman having sex, in child bearing years, should always be taking them, because surprise babies happen all the time.

  3. ooOOOoooo baby mode!!!! Exciting times ahead! :)