Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update on Month without Chocolate

I realized I had not updated you all on how I'm doing on my "no chocolate November."

Well- it's going surprisingly well! I have not caved and have not had any chocolate this month. And, surprisingly, I'm not even really craving it at this point. A few days this month I have said to my husband "ohh you know how goooood chocolate is going to taste on Dec 1st????" Hahaha - so I am looking forward to it!

But I've not had to struggle with resisting it. In fact, my dedication to not having chocolate this month has help me say no to some of the sweets at the office and treats at friends houses that I otherwise might have had trouble saying no to. And that was definitely a go. I wanted to, overall, eat less sugar.

Chris and I used to eat chocolate every evening, post-dinner. I wanted to break the habit of craving sugar after dinner. I've had a few desserts this month (for example, I made "ice cream" out of bananas, frozen blueberries, and a little honey last night) but I have had them only once in a while, when I'm really craving something, and when I'm actually a bit hungry. Not necessarily after dinner and just because.

My plan going forward, when the month is over, is to treat chocolate like I've been treating desert in general this month. I will only have it once in a while, when I'm really craving it, and it will be a special treat, not an everyday habit.

If I get out of control with it, I'll do another reset. But I think I've learned a good lesson this month - how ever much I might love chocolate, I certainly don't need it.

Plans for my Sunday: a little grocery getting at the co-op, super long dog walk to get me over 10,000 steps, some dissertation writing and bad tv watching with Chris :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my ridiculous and awesome dog:


  1. Great job, Jeanette! You are fantastic!

  2. I'm really glad that you are doing the 30 day chocolate thing. I've done it twice, once in Jan 2013 and once in April 2013. Both with good results. Both times, I didn't binge eat on a half a serving of 85% or higher. No migraines or bad results. I have it 5 times a week. If I'm tempted to have another serving, well, I've promised I'll throw all of it away and pour detergent on it. No temptations. :)

    Glad you are doing the test. It will take you far- IMO.

  3. Awesome job with the chocolate. I'm on a 3 month wine cleanse myself:-) Going well, almost a week in! Your dog is ridiculously handsome. I miss my beautiful boy:-(

    1. <3 I still miss all my dogs I've lost - they are our best friends, they leave a big hole!!