Monday, February 17, 2014

600th Post! - and results from weekend

I wish I could be standing here in my 600th post a little more confident - but this is real life and you will always get honesty from me. I'm not perfect! But I am maintaining a healthy weight and maintaining health, in general. So, I suppose this blog is great for people who want to know what maintenance really looks like for a woman in my place in life - for a woman who still struggles with disordered eating and struggles with anxiety, but wants to succeed. I do my best to find that balance of living life to the fullest but not damage my health in the meantime!

I am back to the 124s after my delightfully lovely Valentine's weekend - 124.8 to be exact, ack!

I blame a lot of my poor decisions on this:

I drank a white cosmo before dinner came, and it kind of snowballed from there. We did great at first - sharing a simple seafood appetizer, very paleo. But then I let go of all inhibitions and had pizza and bread pudding for dessert. Amazing dinner paired with more delicious drinks. But, wow, I can NOT drink. I let go of all will power and I end up with a huge hangover the next day.

My day was spot on yesterday. We even got the dog out for a walk, even though it was cold and the sidewalks are terrible. 

My day will be spot on again today. Starting my day with my favorite:

Fresh, organic blackberries have been on sale at my local co-op and I am IN LOVE. I love that yogurt too (even though it is the most processed thing I allow on my 'clean' diet) because it has a lot of protein and is super delicious.

Heading off to work in a few, will be bringing some sweet potato and ground turkey I cooked up earlier. 

Enjoy your day!

Namaste <3


  1. Jeanette, you've just summed me up too when you say "a woman who still struggles with disordered eating and struggles with anxiety, but wants to succeed."
    The only thing I'd change is that 'wants to' into 'is damned well going to!'
    I'm currently giving myself a gold star for not eating a Viennese whirl (one of my old favourites) and nibbling a SMALL portion of cheddar instead - we just do our best, eh.

  2. It takes 3500 calories to gain a pound permanently. Weight can fluctuate in normal people up to 5 lbs. I sometimes have weighed 2 lbs more than the day before! Try not to freak out.