Friday, February 28, 2014

Nutrition Labels

This change in nutrition labels was much needed, read about it in detail here:

I, obviously, learned the little tips and tricks of labels long-ago. So, it's not going to change the way I eat, but it's going to make it a lot easier.

For example, they are getting more real about portion sizes. A bottle of soda will be a serving size (not that I drink soda) and I think that applies to most other drinks too, so a bottle will be a serving size, not half the bottle or a third of the bottle. Also, a serving of ice cream is now going to be a cup instead of half a cup, which the government admits most people do not eat half a cup of ice cream. Just less math I have to do in my life!

I wonder if it really will make a difference to what people by. I'm not sure about that. But at least will have to be really real about what it is they're consuming. Right there, and huge black lettering, will be the calories you consume.

The other change I really like is that they're going to add a line for added sugars. So you will be able to very easily distinguish, without reading the ingredients, between natural sugars that occur in the food and added sugars that the manufacturers put in. For me, that's great because I can just scanned that line and if there's any added sugars in that line, I don't have to go on - I'll just put it back.

I'll still maintain my usual habits of buying whole foods that don't have labels for the most part, but some food I buy does have labels, and I like that they have to be a little more forthright and obvious now.

Through a lot of practice, I don't buy anything I don't mean to buy, meaning there's no hidden sugars or chemicals or anything I don't want. But it took a lot of work. And a lot of me being very careful the time. That's not the same way everybody works. So this makes it easier for other people, too, to be realistic about what the reading, I'm happy.

Not much going on for me today. Same old, same old. It's very, very, cold out. So I will bundle up later on in the day and take the dog out for his walk. But, ohhhhhh, do I dread it.

Alright, coffee time!

Edited to add: weighed in at 121! 

Namaste <3


  1. Congrats on getting back down to 121! I am glad about them adding in the added sugars line...that will help a bunch. The other items, I'm not so wowed by, but hopefully to some folks it will open their eyes a bit, but sadly, so many folks don't even look at the label. I do hope the bill passes though.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog about other peoples comments on my weight loss. I appreciate it ;) Have a good weekend!

  2. I never read the "per serving" size on an item, I learned that lesson a long time ago. I read the "per 100g" part. Luckily, like you, I don't buy processed foods now so it is only the odd item that I need to check anyway. I mainly check for overall carbs - too many and it goes back on the shelf :)

  3. Hi Jeanette, it's purely by accident, but once again I'm following Lynda's comment and agreeing with her. When I go shopping it is the carb content per 100g that I look at ... and yes if it's too many that item stays on the shelf/in the fridge etc. The key to healthy living is eating good real fresh food.

    ...and yes well done on your weight.

    All the best Jan

  4. I would like them to put a note (right below added sugar) to say if they have added artificial sweetener or the like either. Because my guess is manufacturers will start figuring out how to beat the system to be able to put a 0 for added sugar and still have the same taste. So it is going to turn into a game of seeing a -0- and then having to comb thru the ingredients to see what they did to achieve that 0. And we all know how easily they hide the different forms/names for artificial things. And not all are required to be placed on the front.

    I also wonder what the definition of sugar will be? White, brown, honey, agave, stevia, fruit juice, fruit pulp? We could come up with a very long list. Again, they will look for a way to beat the system. If they can add banana to sweeten and still be able to put a -0- on the line they will. Again, will be listed in ingredients, but not everyone is going to catch what they actually did.

    Yes, we are all up on the tricks, and eat very little or no processed, but we are not who they should be targeting. I would love to be on this committee. Because this could be a worthwhile project, but I will be very surmised if it actually is. My guess is there will be products, with a 0 added sugar that actually have more carbs than they did before the label redo. It doesn't have to be that way. We will see how smart they are to plug the loop holes.

    1. surmised
      Was supposed to be
      Autocorrect got me