Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eat the Rainbow!

Back when I used to eat a more Standard American Diet (even the healthier version of it where I eliminated fast food and junk but still ate breads and pastas, etc), my plates were often generally beige- meat and potatoes/bread/pasta/whatever took up up to 2/3rds of the plate!

Now that I've gone paleo, I've replaced the grains with MORE vegetables (despite some common critical voices who think that people who eat paleo replace the grains with more meat!! -  could not be farther from the truth!). And my plates rarely look beige-y at all.

It's a super visual sign that I'm eating well and getting my nutrition.

Last night's dinner of local, natural pork sausage with broccoli, onions and tomato:

We served it over roasted sweet potatoes :)


Here's an article about eating colorful food and the nutrients you get from them: 

I generally eat lots of colors in a day. Some examples are:

  • Orange: sweet potato, carrots, clementines
  • Red: tomato, beets, strawberries
  • Green: spinach, broccoli, peas, asparagus, etc
  • White: coconut, onion, garlic, mushrooms
  • Purple/blue: blackberries, blue berries
  • Yellow: butternut squash, bananas
  • Tan/brown: lean proteins (chicken, turkey), almonds, coffee, flax

See how there are even white/beige foods that have a ton of nutrition?

Make sure you have a decent variety of color in your daily diet :) It really is, to me, a very easy and simple way to ensure you are eating well!

******And I think it goes without saying that those colors should come from the natural colors that occur in the food, and not from food coloring or other chemicals!!!!!!!

(had to star that heavily for emphasis)

It's been so much easier for me to incorporate all these colors once I got rid of grains. The grains just end up being a placeholder in so many diets, they fill you up without doing anything for you. Those calories are so much better spent!!!

Ok. Day needs to start for me!!

Namaste, friends <3


  1. So you're saying Skittles is fine for lunch?

  2. Eat the colours of the rainbow from good whole natural real foods - not processed.

    Low Carb, High Fat, Medium Protein for me works well, with exercise and a good sleep pattern.

    You may have heard me say that before ... I make no apologies.

    Good post - thanks

    All the best Jan

  3. I agree - I don't eat more meat at all but I certainly eat better meat and way more vegetables... of all colours!!